MyBuilder Plus

Protection for your home project

Home improvements or repair jobs can go wrong. With MyBuilder Plus we're finally able to do something about it.

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Peace of mind reimagined

Working hand in hand with, MyBuilder Plus provides a level of cover for home improvement and repair jobs never previously thought possible.

In partnership with Hiscox Insurance
  • Protect any type of job

    From fixing a leaky tap to building an extension

  • Professional quote and contract

    A detailed, bespoke quote and binding contract between you and your tradesperson

  • The job you asked for. Guaranteed

    A policy that covers the whole job, including poor workmanship, materials and even the tradesperson going bust

  • Simple, transparent pricing

    Comprehensive cover for a small percentage of your quoted job value. Add extra cover as your job changes

  • Insurance expertise

    In partnership with Hiscox, an award-winning provider of specialist insurance products

  • World-class customer service

    Expert claims support and advice when you need it most from our in-house team

What happens if you need to claim

If something has gone wrong with your job, we want to get you back on track quickly and without any extra stress. Get in touch to register a claim and start the process.

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Important documents

We've got nothing to hide; feel free to read our legal documents before you take out a policy.